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  • The Customer Care link enables you to record your problems and issues online. You can specify the nature and description of your problems. Customer Support staff will contact you by phone or mail.

Posting Tickets to Customer Care

To post a ticket:

  1. Click Customer Care > Post Ticket. A Post Ticket page appears.
  2. Select the nature of your issue. Figure 1 shows a sample Post Ticket page.
  3. Click [Submit].
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Figure 1
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Figure 2
  1. In the Post Ticket form that appears you can specify details of the issue.
  2. Enter your Email ID.
  3. Enter a description of the problem you have encountered. Figure 2 shows sample settings.
  4. Click [Confirm].
  1. In the Post Ticket Confirmation page that appears you can view the details you have provided about the issue. Figure 3 shows a sample Post Ticket Confirmation page.
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Figure 3

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