1. What is OnlineSBI?

    OnlineSBI is the Internet banking service provided by the State Bank of India, India’s largest and premier commercial Bank.

  2. What is special about Internet banking?

    You will discover it yourself. It is the most convenient way to bank- anytime, anyplace of your convenience. It is like SBI at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  3. But, I do not have a PC?

    No problem. You can access it from any computer having Internet connectivity.

  4. How do I get access to OnlineSBI service?

    You need to have an account at a branch, which is Internet banking enabled. Then you need to register for the Internet banking service with the branch. After receipt of both user-id and password, please logon to using the user-id and password in your possession to access your account information. During the first login, you need to go through a small process of initialization. You will be guided step by step in this process by our Net banking assistant on the site.

  5. But I do not have an account with SBI?

    You are welcome to open it now. It is very easy to open an account with SBI. Just walk in to any of our branches nearby. Our staff would be pleased to assist you.

  6. I am an Indian Resident. How do I open an account?

    Please follow these three simple steps-

    1.Please collect an account opening form from a branch or down load it from the site and fill it up.

    2.Go to a branch of SBI of your choice or convenience with passport size photographs, an introduction from a respectable person / a customer of the branch known to you or your passport.

    3.Tender your cash deposit and your account is opened

  7. I am a Non-resident Indian. How do I open an account?

    If you are on a visit to India, please follow the procedure described for a resident Indian. Please carry your passport also. If you want to open the account when you are outside India,

    1.Collect and fill in the application form.

    2.Get your application attested by an official from SBI at your center or Indian consulate at your center or have your signature on the application form notarized locally.

    3.Submit your application form with a copy of your passport and initial remittance to a branch of your convenience offering INB service in India. Alternatively, you could also hand over your documents to the branch of SBI nearby if available with instructions to get your account opened at the branch of your choice in India.

  8. I have no account at an online branch. What do I do?

    You have three options.

    1.Wait till your branch goes online.

    2.Open an account at an OnlineSBI branch.

    3.Ask for transfer of your existing account from a non online branch to an OnlineSBI branch.

  9. Can my school going daughter open such account?

    Of course yes. Children of any age can have joint accounts with SBI with their guardian. Children above 10 years of age can have their own bank accounts, subject to certain financial limits.

  10. I want to register for OnlineSBI now. What do I do?

    Kindly download the registration form, fill in the details and submit it to your branch. After authentication of your particulars your registration formalities will be completed.

  11. How do I get User-id and Password for the Internet banking service?

    User-id and password will be generated in a secure environment and couriered to you by separate mails to ensure that they reach you safely.

  12. Why are the User-id and Password so cryptic?

    The machine generates User-id and Passwords for your first time access randomly and we have no control over it. You will be given an option at the first login to define your own Username and Password.

  13. Can I change the couriered User-id and Password?

    Yes. It is mandatory for you to change the machine generated User-id and Password with your convenient Username and Password. Later on at any time, you can change your Password but not the Username defined by you.

  14. Can I change Passwords?

    Passwords can be changed any time and any number of times. In fact we recommend it should be changed often to secure your access to your account information.

  15. What are the good practices for creating a password?

    You are requested to choose a password that is not a dictionary word and not guessable from your personal information known to others such names in the family, vehicle numbers etc. You should change your password frequently. Please commit the password to memory and do not write it down or paste it somewhere. Last but not least do not divulge your password to anybody even if they claim to be from the bank.

  16. What happens if I forget my logon password?

    Do not bother. Just click on the ‘Forgot password’ link in the site and provide the requested information. A new password will sent to you soon.

  17. What happens if I forget my Username for Internet Banking?

    If you forget the Username for onlineSBI, kindly contact your branch and re-register yourself.

  18. I have received my User-ID for OnlineSBI but not my Password. What do I do?

    For security reasons, User-ID and Password are sent to you in separate mails. In case you have not received one of these, kindly register your query in the ‘Customer support’ link in the login page. The same will be actioned immediately.

  19. I am unable to login with the couriered User-ID and Password.

    Both User-ID and password are case sensitive. Kindly be a little more careful while typing the system-generated User-ID and password for the first time. In case you still encounter problems, kindly register your query in the ‘Customer support’ link in the login page.

  20. I want to know more about State Bank of India?

    Glad for the interest evinced. Please log into for further details.

  21. I want to know more about OnlineSBI?

    We would be glad to answer any specific queries. Please email your questions to us at