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Welcome to OnlineSBH Internet Banking Facility

Following are the access key details to navigate the site

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer use the Enter key with the following access keys. If you are using Mozilla FireFox use the Shift key with the following access keys.

*Now customer accessing this site can also login through personal banking –> login, on our web-site This site will not be accessible after



Press Alt 0 To lock Internet access to your accounts
Press Alt 1 To view Help
Press Alt 2 To Login
Press Alt 7 To view Instruction
Press Alt 8 To view FAQ
The following shortcut keys are used to access the Post Login pages
Press Alt 3 For Account Summary
Press Alt 4 For transfer funds
Press Alt 5 For Changing your Password
Press Alt 6 For Transaction Summary page
Press Alt b For Bill Payment page
Press Alt g For Profile page
Press Alt 8 To view FAQ
Press Alt 9 To Logout

Locking will deactivate your user name thereby preventing forced access to your accounts. You can approach your branch to reactivate your username.

For security reasons use headphones while entering your login credentials.

Call us toll free at 1800 11 22 11