Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay - FAQ  

1. What is Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay?

  • Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay is a special service that allows you to transfer money online from your SBI account to any VISA Credit Card issued in India.
  • Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay is so quick, simple and a convenient alternative to Demand Drafts, cheques or pay orders.

2. How do I need to use the Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay service?

  • Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay is an online service and requires an Internet Banking enabled account with State Bank of India.
  • To use the service just log on to using the Internet Banking Username and Password, provided by State Bank of India.

3. Does the service require any registration?

If you have registered yourself for the Internet Banking service, you can use the service. You only need to register the Payee name and card number before transferring funds online.

4. How do I register Payee Details?

  • Click the Manage Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay link in the Profile tab. Authenticate yourself with the Profile Password.
  • You can view a page to register the Payee Name and Card Number. Provide these details and set a nickname for your Payee. ...
  • Optionally you can set a transaction limit for this Payee. The Bank sets a per transaction limit of Rs.25,000/- or a card. The per day limit for a user is Rs.50,000.
  • On registration you will receive a high security password in your mobile number. This is done basically to double check your identity. Provide the password to authorize the Payee. After a payee is authorized you can start transferring funds to the Card.

5. Why do I need to provide my Mobile Number for the Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay service?

  • OnlineSBI is a secure and safe channel to pay bill of any VISA credit card. But to ensure that Payee registrations are authenticated, we will send a high security password to your mobile phone.
  • Registration is complete only when the system verifies your identify with this password. Hence you need to register your mobile number with us. If you do not have a mobile phone/number your branch can approve the beneficiary. Please contact your branch.

6. Is the Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay Service safe?

  • OnlineSBI is a secure and safe channel to transact online. All your interactions with the Internet Banking site are encrypted using 128 bit encryption technology. Your transactions are performed in extremely safe and secure settings.
  • From your side, ensure that you follow the basic guidelines for safe Internet Banking. These include: never sharing your username or password, and having a password that is a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and special characters. Keep changing your login and profile passwords at regular intervals.
  • To close an Internet Banking session, ensure to close the browser window.

7. How do I pay a VISA Credit card?

  • To pay the bill of a VISA credit card, register the Payee name and card number after logging into OnlineSBI. The VISA Credit card can be issued by any bank in India.
  • Log into OnlineSBI and select the Credit Card (Visa) Beneficiary link in the Payments and Transfers tab, select the Payee, and enter the amount you wish to transfer. That is all you need to do!

8. Can I pay any credit card bill using Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay service?

Yes you can pay any bank's credit card bill as long as it is a VISA Credit Card. Register the credit card number for which you wish to make a payment.

9. How long does it take to credit the Payee?

It will take about 2-3 working days for the VISA system to complete the payment. State Bank of India is not responsible for the period within which the beneficiary bank will credit the funds to the beneficiary card.

10. What details do I need to know about the Payee?

You need to know the Payee's 16 digit card number and name.

11. Will I be charged for using the Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay service?

A nominal service charge of Rs.15/- is recovered for each Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay transaction. For payment of SBI Card (credit card issued by SBI Card & Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.), please use Bill Payment Facility, which is free of charge.

12. Can I schedule a payment?

The service triggers a transaction as soon as you confirm a payment. It may take about 2-3 working days for the amount to be credited to your Payee. You can also schedule a payment for a future date.

13. What is the per day limit for Transactions?

The per day limit for Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pays is Rs.50,000 while the per transaction limit is Rs.25,000.

14. Can I modify or revoke a payment once it is initiated?

No. Any payment initiated on the current date, cannot be stopped. You cannot modify the amount or Payee name once you have made the payment.

15. What are the benefits of the Credit Card (Visa) Bill Pay Service?

  • Convenience of transferring funds in the comfort of your home or office via OnlineSBI to any VISA Credit Card issued in India.
  • The service is more reliable and easy than sending a Cheque.
  • Pay all your bills from OnlineSBI instead of visiting different websites for bill payments.